Transforming You Into Your Desires – Sissy Fendom

A Sissy Fendom is a female dominant who has mastered the art of dominance in sexual activities as a woman in dealing with the male and female dominants. The female dominant trains all the submissive sissies into becoming a leader in a sissies training centre.

The Role they play!

  • The sissies are not forced to come into their charge and self-satisfied they come under this practice be it a male or a female, to adopt the hierarchy throne in the allurement of providing the best sexual experience to their intimate relations or their clients.
  • The males are more specifically turned up into the art of becoming a feminine by their nature and their appearance, which simultaneously changes a lot about them being a female.
  • Their work as a sex slave is determined more or less turning them into a sex toy which can be taken pleasure of by every transgender or unisexual client who determines to pay off services into being a submissive or cope up with their inner cravings.
  • The major aspects, which involve the transformation of female and males into extra sexually attractive feminine characters, who basically have the mainstream talent of providing the superior pleasures of sex for all types of genders.

The Sissy Fandoms take over the lifestyle and living standards of the sissy submissive or slaves which go all the way into making themselves up as super sexy transformers in the lives of people who desire them. Into the world of sexual desires and needs, the sissy dominants overrule the various availabilities of the desired sexual and hold them tight with the disciplined training and professionalism. The trained sissies go forming their lives onto their dreams with the help of sissy female dominants or mistress who trains them into making the world of their dreams and acting out with freedom.