Month: April 2018

Buy the right vps server

Vps stands for virtual private server and it is ideal for those who are not ready to use a dedicated server; moreover, it costs less than a dedicated server and is also better than shared hosting. Before buying a vps people should be aware that there are two kinds of vps, one is managed and the other is unmanaged.

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Managed vs unmanaged

The difference between the two is that in unmanaged one is required to do everything on his own be it installing of the server, to keeping the software updated as well as to keep the vps secure. One has to do everything by themselves. In managed though one has to decide the software then rest everything is managed by the web host. Unmanaged is fairly cheap as compared to managed buy it is quite a task to manage the unmanaged vps.

Things to consider

  • The most important thing to consider when you want to buy vps is the location; it is recommended to get a vps in the location where there is more web traffic. Look for a centralized location which is well connected with the surround areas.
  • The hardware of the vps is very important; a good hardware would only deliver a decent performance and also a lower cost.
  • Choose a vps that is flexible and can grow with further changes; it should be easy to use and something that a person can normally use, start, reboot or stop without getting confused.
  • The price factor is another important thing to look out for; look around, do your research but never go for a vps that is the cheapest. If the vps has great features and is cheap then go for it but just do not go for the money factor.

These are a few things to remember while buying a vps.